Anne Holdgate


I would like to say a few words about Anne. She was one of the kindest,
hard working and bravest people I have known. She would help anyone in
need and could always rustle up others to help as well. She was a member
of various committees and was always the first to volunteer and the last to
leave. Despite the fact that for many months she knew that she had
terminal cancer, she wanted few people to know, so that she could carry on
as normal and not be treated any differently. However, this never stopped
her helping out at all the events, even if she was in the middle of treatment.
She always put on a brave face and somehow did manage to carry on as
normal throughout it all.
For many years Anne served the Community Council as our catering
coordinator and chief, ensuring every event was well run in her efficient
way; much work was done at home as well as numerous shopping trips,
which many would not know. She was aided in all of this by her husband
Ian, to whom we also owe a huge debt. We have all lost a faithful fellow
committee member who served us proudly to the end and was indeed to
many of us also a dear friend.

Stephanie Atkins
Boxford Community Council

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