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July 2013

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Summer outing:  Weds. 21st August Visit to Carter’s Vineyard, Boxted arriving there at 6.0pm.  See full details overleaf.

We shall leave from Boxford by car at 5.35pm.  If you need, or can offer transport, please let me know.  Join us for a meal after, at the Anchor at Nayland, if you wish. We can take bookings for Carters and the Anchor up to 14th August.  TELEPHONE ME ON 01787-210538.  This is a “booked” members only visit, but you may bring a guest for £5 including wine tasting.  The cost to members is £2 each payable in advance.


Saturday 21st September at 7.30pm at Boxford School Hall


Mark Mitchels   “The Find of a Lifetime”


Stories of buried treasure are always popular.


Here are tales of exciting discoveries in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.


Since earliest times East Anglia has been a rich part of England and over the centuries treasure has been buried for all sorts of reasons – to confound invaders, to accompany a hero into the afterlife, or simply by accident!  Mark’s lectures are always superb – don’t miss this one.

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Subscriptions should be sent/left with either Roger Loose, the Treasurer, 16 Clubs Lane, Boxford CO10 5HN, or (for the convenience of those shopping in the village) care of Joan Cull, Old Castle House, 23 Swan Street.  


The current membership of the Executive Committee is as follows:

Chair:  Tina Loose;   Vice Chair:  Guy Godfray;   Secretary:  Joan Cull;   Treasurer:  Roger Loose

Committee members:  Alfred Ott, Philip Rich, Denis Picton, Linda Swain, Andrew Good, Sue Green, Martin Wood.


MORE DETAILS OF CARTER’S VINEYARD VISIT:  The visit includes a guided tour of the vineyard and winery, including tasting several fine red and white English wines.  There have been some improvements and new features added lately, including alternative energy and a shop. The walk around is apparently easy and there is wheelchair access.

Directions: Carter’s Vineyards, Green Lane, Boxted, Colchester, Essex CO4 5TS.  Turn next left off A134 after the Rose and Crown pub before Gt Horkesley down Boxted Church Road.  Carter’s is the second turn on the right.



The Executive Committee met and studied the plans for 25 homes and the 2010 Housing Needs survey.  Nearly all members had attended the exhibition.  Their unanimous view was as follows:

(a) Of all the possible sites in or adjacent to the village, this would seem to be the most suitable for such a development, despite the reservations below.  The siting on the lower slope keeps the impact on the landscape to the minimum possible.

(b) The mix of homes for renting and private sale gives balance and viability to the project.

(c) The retention of existing hedgerow banks and trees is essential to ensure maximum screening of the site for much of the year, especially along Sand Hill Road.

(d) The proposed highway access junction, whilst a good compromise given the relation of the site to Sand Hill Road, will need expert detailed design and signing to make it as safe as possible.  It is good that the lay-by has been retained, and it is important that it stays rural in nature rather than becoming suburban in appearance.

(e) Suitable parking is spread around the development but measures will need to be taken to discourage parking on the narrow roads next to houses and the open space, which will understandably be treated by children as a play area.

(f) The proposed design of the buildings could be much improved, even within the presumed financial constraints.  It is very urban in style and does not echo the mix of housing styles, rendering, colour wash and brick found in Boxford.  We hope the Architect and Planners will look at this again and treat this site as an important entrance to the village by echoing in a sensitive way the buildings that make Boxford such an attractive place.

(g) Safe pedestrian access to the village is essential to minimise the use of cars for short trips into the village and to encourage healthy lifestyles.  Older people and mothers with children should be a particular consideration.  Given the difficulty of providing a footpath from the site down Sand Hill Road to the existing footpath in Ellis Street, it is essential that work is undertaken to improve the surface of the existing footpath from the north corner of the site along the brook, across Cox Hill Road and through to Clubs Lane.  This should not mean a tarmac surface with high boarded fences.  To preserve the rural/village feel of this path, it should be levelled and surfaced sympathetically to allow buggies, children, wheelchairs and the infirm to pass safely.


It was agreed that the Chairman should ask Iceni Homes and/or the Babergh Planning Officer for the project to meet the Committee to allow us to discuss the plans and the points raised above at the earliest opportunity.



As a result of our second Heritage Exhibition, we have been offered many more photographs of the village and people from the past and so the archive continues to grow. The exhibition was heavily used during the course of the day and getting on for 100 people attended the talk on Boxford Folk of the last century. The AGM followed the talk. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Thanks too to the villagers who helped name the group photos on the day of the exhibition


Tina Loose (Chair of the Boxford Society) Tel 01787-210538.