Boxford Bounty

The Boxford Bounty is a local lottery for Boxford, Edwardstone and Groton. Through the Community Council, the Bounty provides financial support for many local groups and interests. The Boxford Bounty has been running approximately 50 years, originally being called ‘Little Ernie’. Anyone can buy a ticket, which costs just £10 a year. There are 4 prize-winners from each Draw which is made bi-monthly. The results are posted around the village.

November – December 2019 Winners:

1st Prize £160: Mrs. KENT

2nd Prize £75: Mrs. WARE

3rd Prize £30: R. HOBBS

4th Prize £15: T. FAIRBAIRN

September – October 2019 Winners:

1st Prize £160: B. SOUTHGATE

2nd Prize £75: S. JACKSON

3rd Prize £30: K. SMITH

4th Prize £15: B. CLEGG

All profits are put back into our fabulous village for organising events or supporting one of our clubs or groups.

We do not knock on doors asking for money unless you have previously joined the Boxford Bounty.
If you would like to buy a ticket please use the contact form below and one of our Boxford Bounty collectors will come to see you
Alternatively, drop Mark Miller ( ) an email for more information and we will arrange a call from your local collector.