About Us

Q: So what is the community council? What does it do? Can you answer these questions?
A: It is a rural, non-political Registered Charity run by local community-minded individuals to provide the social ‘glue’ within the villages of Boxford, Edwardstone and Groton. It’s not really a ‘council’ and has nothing to do with street lighting, blocked drains or overgrown hedges! It’s the fun part of the community and its aims (as declared to the Charity Commission) are to create fundraising and social events for the local community. Its members are keen to assist all village clubs and organisations, either in the form of manpower or financial support and advice. They also care for Boxford Playing Fields, together with the Playing Fields Management Committee.
All proceeds raised from its fundraising events or its lottery, The Boxford Bounty, are
returned to the community.
Has anyone ever said to you “Ah, Boxford, it has a great community”? Have you heard about or did you attend the Fireworks Night or the annual Senior Citizens’ Mystery Outing? Do you fancy entering a team in the Fun & Games Night in January? Did you and your family attend the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Street Party or any of the previous legendary street parties, dances and firework spectaculars? All of these events would not have been possible without the input from the Community Council, plus of course, the local parish councils and businesses.
All the village clubs and organisations have benefited from grants totalling over £30,000 over the years and will continue to do so whilst the local community supports its Community Council.

So, the next time you are asked about the community council, you can answer with confidence and perhaps add “come along and get involved, you’ll make great friends and have lots of fun!”