Volunteer Advice

  1. Checking your own neighbours, family, friends is the most effective way to help
  2. If possible, phone before turning up as some may be reluctant to open the door to strangers
  3. Say your name and that you’re with the Boxford Hub. It gives some credibility. They can phone our number for confirmation
  4. Keep your distance when the door is opened
  5. Do not take their bank card if shopping – ask if they have cash. If not, we have a cash float which anyone can use. Ring us and we’ll deliver the money. Ask for two Receipts – give one to the recipient, and one to us, clearly labelled
  6. Emphasise that this is a free service
  7. When delivering shopping, leave on the doorstep. If they need it carrying, ask where to put it and ask them to go into another room. Using sanitiser or disposable gloves might also help
  8. Arrange another time to talk to them again– not too far in the future
  9. If they have a particular need, please pass it on to us as we have professionals in the Hub who can help.
  10. Please report back to update.

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07914 786760